5 Steps to Make Your First Contemporary Comic

Comics are always interesting to read or just watch because of the fact that there is a superhero. When making your first contemporary comic you certainly want to do it big so that people will at least get to know about you. Just how do you make your first contemporary comic? You have to put on some extra effort and follow some steps that will shine a light into your comic. Just before you start always ensure that you do not imitate another comic book because people will not be interested in a shade of what they already have read. Be creative in it and follow the following steps for success:

1. Get an idea and script it.

The first thing you need to do is the first plan on how you will make your comic. This can be through idea creation which should be unique and catchy. You can get multiple ideas to brainstorm and stop on the one that you are comfortable with scripting. Just do not rush into it before scripting. As soon as you settle on your idea now script your comic idea slowly but surely. This has to flow from the beginning to the end so that you do not halt in the middle of it.

2. Plan the layout.

As soon as you are done scripting, plan your comic layout. This always has to be before you have actually drawn your comic. The layout ensures that you have a flow of the comic from wordings to the images in it.

Remember that your reader is to read your comic hence you have to ensure that as you plan your layout you have to make it as interesting as possible. Keep it catchy and simple and engage ideas that will always keep them anxious to keep on reading it.

3. Draw your comic.

Your comic has to be exactly just as you have imagined it in mind. As you draw to make sure you are not too simple on the drawings make it extra interesting that once people see it they will want to read it. However, you also have to be careful that as you draw you are not too extra on it. Keep it breathtaking and mind-blowing for your target.

Once you have drawn it always color and ink it right with different shades of colors to keep it catchy. Plain colors are certainly not interesting. Rainbow your comic in such a way that is quite in sync.

4. Lettering.

As people read your story they do not want just a plain reading of the same font and lettering. Keep them interested by lettering your comic. This can be by using bold, italics or different fonts in places such as speeches where it will symbol the tone of whoever is speaking. A plain read is certainly not interesting given that you are trying to make your first appearance in the comic world.

5. Sales and marketing.

As this is your penetration point you want to scale big for your next appearance. This can be done by just simply engaging sales and marketing to push your comic big. If you wait and just stalls all your comics at one place they will not reach a wide market share. You have to engage a sales and marketing team to help you with the numbers so that you will have a return on investment that will help you keep up with the competition. After this is done a wrap-up and sell – read article on comic book style pop art.

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